Velikaya’s Lutece

© Marlise Germanier
Registration No:
Date of Birth: 28th September 1998
Sex: Bitch
Colour: Black

Pet Name: Zina
Breeder: Isabella Zirri
Owner: Marlise Germanier and Beat Mosimann

Health Tests and Results
No information available

Pedigree (correct to the best of our knowledge)
ParentsGrand ParentsGt Grand Parents

Velikaya's Dardar

Lahav Me Shaar Hagai

Sirpad Me Shaar Hagai

Gali Me Shaar Hagai

Velikaya's Lahave

Lahav Me Shaar Hagai

Lilith Me Shaar Hagai

Velikayas Luz

Adom Beith Kuit

Schachmat me Shaar Haga

Lilith me Beith Kuti

Velikayas Hava

Adom Beith Kuti

Lilith me Shaar Hagai