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We are a small but dedicated group of like-minded individuals, brought together by our shared passion for preserving and promoting the Canaan Dog breed in the UK. Our Mission Our mission is to help with the continued growth and recognition of the Canaan Dog breed in the UK. We strive to protect the heritage of…
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08 August 2023

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Well of all the deadlines for me to make, it’s an early one for the Bank Holiday. Possibly as I’m being spoilt in the French countryside, with warm winds, daily temperatures of 34 and plenty of opportunities to catch up with overdue breed notes. Our good friend Laurence Aries of the Solemel Kennels has been…
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Paignton Championship Dog Show 2023

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06 August 2023 Judge: Mrs C Watson BEST OF BREED : (MILLER, Mrs Christina & HASTINGS-MENAKER, Ms Lorna) Am Ch River Rock Unanimous Decision Best Puppy : (BYRNE, Miss Alison & BARCLAY, Miss Anne & KAYE, Mr) Nizzana Dammit Jim Best Veteran : (MOULDING, Mr Martin) Anacan Abu ghosh Best Special Beginner : Not Awarded…
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Main photo by Pardo Yigal