Apologies for these notes not being sent – I had written them back at the end of Aug and not sent them; I will put it down to the gentle decline in my faculties as the years go by….

Previously we had been entered into Windsor in AVNSC but having exhibited my sisters Gundog the day before and been parked on the M25 for 5 hours, by the time we got home, I’m afraid that there was no more energy for the Utility Day. Again, apologies to the Judge. We did however make it to the Southampton and District CA open show on Saturday 22nd July. It’s a super venue, this year there was some persistent rain throughout the whole day. Everyone seemed to rally and enjoy the challenge, allowing others to share shelter next to rings etc. This time we only took the puppy and my sister’s dog. Nizzana Dammit Jim represented the breed very well in an AVNSC Puppy class and out of 7 he was placed a very respectable 3rd. I was delighted with the way he took everything in his stride and showed himself well. Thanks to judge Liesel Thorner (Naracoopa). News from overseas, it has been sometime since we exhibited at a French show, so now feeling more confident in the Animal Health Certificate scheme, we ventured firstly to Bourges for a CACIB show. On Saturday 8th July AmCh River Rock Unanimous Decision (Datak) owned by Christine Miller, Lorna Hastings- Menaker, Alison Byrne and Anne Barclay, was awards the CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed with an Excellent by Judge Mr Baskowan. It was a super day and he was very complimentary about Datak. The following weekend we made the slightly shorter journey to Douai for two shows over the weekend. On Saturday 15th July AmCh River Rock Unanimous Decision was again placed 1st, awarded BOB, CAC, CACIB and graded excellent by Judge Mr Svien Bjornes and to our great delight Datak was then also pulled in for the cut in the group, sadly he didn’t go any further. The following day we had the same results with Judge Mr Jean-Louis Escoffier. Before we left, we also had the Societe Centrale Canine (the equivalent of our RKC) take a DNA sample for their records and this is also part of the requirements for applying to be a French Champion. There is one more step and we will hopefully complete this in September, with a Temperament Assessment. In other news from France, a lovely litter of six Canaan Dog puppies were born and Datak was the sire at the Moon of Starlight Kennel. Mother and all pups are doing well.

That is the end of the older notes. Now to add some updates.

The beginning of August sees the Paignton Championship Show. On Sunday 7th, Canaan Dogs were Judged by Mrs C Watson. She Found her Best of Breed and Best Dog in Miller, Hastings-Menaker,Byrne and Barclays’s AmCh River Rock Unanimous Decision and Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy in our Nizzana Dammit Jim. Best Bitc was Mrs Mintos Anancan Sing a Little Louder. Best Veteran was Mr Mouldings Anacan Abu Ghosh. We did pass on our apologies to the group judges as we were unable to stay. We try not to leave without attending the groups as it is an honour to represent the breed but sometimes, we do have commitments that necessitate this happening. The second show in August with classes is held in Builth at the show ground there. The Welsh Kennel Club saw judge Rony Doedijns overseeing the Canaan Dogs on Friday 18th Aug. It was a wonderful day, he awarded our (Kaye,Byrne and Barclays) Nizzana Dammit Jim, Best Puppy, Best Dog and Best of Breed. Reserve Best Dog went to his dad AmCh River Rock Unanimous Decision and Best Veteran was Mr Mouldings Anacan Abu Ghosh. It was a moment. When the second generation has surpassed the first. It is the hope of all breeders that they can improve with each litter. It has been such a blessing after the loss of Sulu to have been given Datak to help heal the sadness. We thank Chris and Alan Miller for that and will be forever grateful.

More catch-up next week – unless I forget …

Alison Byrne

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