Good morning, another Champ show has been and gone. It really is beginning to feel as if our hobby is getting back on its feet. What I think is almost unanimous from those exhibiting in the sunshine is, they like the more relaxed party feel without the benching. Only time will tell if we in the UK will continue with this and if the weather has an impact on opinions.

Sadly, due to this long covid by the time East of England came around I was too tired to make the journey. Apologies to the judge Mrs S J Hattrell. There were no Canaan Dog classes on offer but from results I see that two Canaan Dogs were present in the AVNSC Utility. From 17 entries, 3 were absent and all stood alone in their classes with the exception of puppy dog where two were shown. Mrs Minto owned and bred both Canaan Dogs there, Anacan Talia My Treasure was awarded 1st in Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran. Well done all.

Our next show is again a Championship show – there seems to be very few non breed open shows that have made it back so far – on the 2nd of August Bath will see Ernie Patterson judging Canaan Dog classes.

We have been a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme for some years now and our inspection date is with us. Slightly different this year as it will be at a distance via the telephone. All documents are sent 5 working days before the call. Being a bit of a dunce with some technology, it required a few emails to send the files, note to self, learn to be more IT savvy and apologies to our assessor.

We had xrays a few weeks ago for our youngest girl on her hips and elbows, we have taken the decision to add in elbows after a very sad story from the USA where a Canaan needed operations on his elbows, not chancing it. To check the dates for their reading (as it had been a little longer than expected) I emailed the BVA board and to my surprise had a reply the next day, excellent service from them thank you, so this week we are slightly on tender hooks, eye testing Monday 12th and hip/elbows being read on Wednesday 14th and 2nd mortgage being taken out Thursday..

You all take care

Alison Byrne

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