Welcome Canaan friends and followers. It isn’t easy to ignore the awful, tragic events in Israel and surrounding areas. Our beautiful breed’s homeland is in turmoil again but without being political, we pray for a swift solution to the violence and that our friends and their families can be spared loss.

On more peaceful subjects. Datak, River Rock Unanimous Decision had his last venture onto the continent. September, we attended the Canaan Club De France’s Breed Speciality. Judge on the day was M. Jean-Claude Klein. Judge on the day was M. Jean-Claude Klein. Open Male class, 1st Excellent CACS – River Rock Unanimous Decision, 2nd Excellent RCACS – Sakou De Roc Noir. Champion Male Class, 1st Excellent Best of Breed – Shalom De Roc Noir. Veteran Male Class, 1st Excellent CACS V Best Veteran – Idbash Honey Itis De Solemel. Junior Female Class, 1st Excellent, Best Female (Best Opposite Sex) CACS J – Taiger De Roc Noir. With one absent from the female champion class it was a small but lovely affair, Datak also passed his temperament assessment and that was the final bridge to cross, he can now (subject to confirmation) be called French Champion. It was a lovely day, very friendly exhibitors. The French Club is operated under the Siberian Husky Club and they also had an exhibition at the same venue as well as a ’have a go’ racing circuit. I would love to try that and see how amusing it could be with the Canaans. That might be for another day.

On the same day that we were enjoying the French hospitality and sunshine, my sister Anne Barclay, aided by my eldest Lawrence, made the journey to a much less warm Darlington Championship Show. On Saturday 16th September 2023, Judge Mr Jeff Horswell had two entries, both present. We were delighted when he awarded our ‘Bones’ Nizzana Dammit Jim Best Puppy, Best Dog and Best of Breed, owned by Mr Ivan Kaye, Miss Alison Byrne and Miss Anne Barclay. Best Bitch was Anacan After Midnight owned by Mrs E Minto.

Another review of future shows has an additional show in January. Moving from May, the Redditch & Dist Canine Society is now scheduling their Open Show on Sunday 14th Jan 2024. This show includes all UK Rare Breeds and Import Register Breed classes. They have also moved venue and will now be at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park. Canaan Dogs will be Judged by Jane Paradise (Shardlow) and entries can be made via Fosse Data and still by post at this time.

More recent results and updates to follow.

Alison Byrne

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