I must start these notes with some sad news. Many of us that have been in the breed for some years will know Elisabeth (Liz) de Boisgelin. We were informed she passed away on 12th August 2020 at Saint Barts hospital, London. Liz had supported the Canaan Dog in the UK for many years after bringing to this country a rescued dog from the Middle East that resembled a Canaan, despite his longer coat. She met Richard Minto through the dogs and both attended the inaugural meeting for the breed club in the UK, now the Canaan Dog Club of the UK. She went onto serve on the committee of this Club and then subsequently on the committee of the unregistered Society, the British Canaan Dog Society. Liz had gone on to purchase a registered Canaan Dog some years ago, despite his health problems; she was able to attend some ‘meet the breed’ events and exhibited him at a few shows including the annual breed open show.

We were informed of her illness and stay in hospital, sadly at that time visitors were not permitted. Having spoken to her partner Liz had requested no formal funeral but there is to be a gathering of friends and close family to spread her ashes. She didn’t request any donations but did support SPANA that cares for working animals all over the world so I’m sure any contributions to this in her name would be appreciated. We send all her family and friends our deepest sympathies.

Hard to follow on from that but there is other news.

The Scottish Kennel Club has published its new schedule and dates for it’s postponed all breeds Championship Show.

Available on Fosse Data the Schedule has Canaan Dogs on Friday 27th November 2020 at Royal Highland Showground, Ingliston, Edinburgh EH28 8NB with judge Mrs H Fitzgibbon still in place. There are obviously a number of health and safety regulations that must be adhered to for the wellbeing of all and to comply with the infection control protocols in place at this time. There may be checks at the gates for temperature and some maybe refused entry if they do not meet the required target. There are no benches for crates and you are asked to make sure the crate is relevant to the dogs’ size to avoid taking up too much room. One way systems are in place and the whole document is also available on Fosse Data. So far this is the only show to put out a schedule with breed classes for Canaan Dogs this year.

Hope that you are all keeping safe and taking time to be considerate of others in these unusual times.

Take care

Alison Byrne


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  1. Very sad news about Liz. I would just make a small correction, in that Liz obtained her first Canaan Dog through Helen Lightfoot, and he was born in the UK.

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