The Canaan Dog comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns, from jet black to snow white and lots of colours and shades in between are acceptable.

Here we show the most commonly occuring colours and patterns along with the undesirable colours and coat types.



Black and White

Black and White with Ticking


Red and White


Cream and White

Undesirable Coat Types and Colours

Below are colours, patterns and coat types that occasionally occur in the Canaan Dog but are considered undesirable.


A long outer coat, with or without an undercoat.

Flat/Short Coat

A short flat single coat as seen in this Labrador


Three distinct areas of colour, there may be more or less tan areas than seen in this Beagle puppy


Brindle or striped coat as seen in this Boxer.


Grey colouration as seen in this Husky.

Black & Tan

The classic black & tan colouration as in this German Shepherd


Liver, or brown colour, always with a brown coloured nose.

Liver Coloured Canaan Dog Puppy

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