Photo by Pardo
Bayud a free born Canaan Dog going to his new home with Myrna Shiboleth

The Canaan is one of the very few breeds in which outside stock can be registered. The FCI considers the Canaan, which is classified in FCI Group 5 as a primitive breed, to be a breed in development.

Therefore, dogs brought in from the Bedouin or the desert can be registered in the Israel Kennel Club Stud Book and are fully recognized by the FCI and all its affiliates, as long as they fill certain criteria.

The criteria are called in Hebrew “miyun” or “selection”. In order to register an outside dog, the following are the current requirements:

  1. The dog should come from a remote area where there is little likelihood of other breeds existing. [*]If parents are known, they should be examined in situ, in the wild or Bedouin camp, to whatever extent is possible, and if possible photographed, so that they can be listed in the registration papers. The examination should be done by a recognized expert in the breed (judge, breeding supervisor.)
  2. The dog must be examined by a specialist judge of the breed, and rated as at least Very Good, and with no disqualifying faults. Although a puppy can be examined, the conclusive examination should be done when the dog is at least nine months of age or more. A written report must be submitted on the dog.
  3. The dog must be test bred to a registered and proven Canaan Dog, and the puppies examined, final examination to be when they are at least nine months of age.

Upon completion of this procedure, the dog can be fully registered with the Israel Kennel Club, and his progeny are fully recognized. Such a dog can be awarded national titles in Israel, but can not be awarded the CACIB. Only dogs with a full three generation pedigree are eligible for CACIB and International titles.

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