Greetings to all readers, when I go to my hard drive and select the last notes to carry on and write the next instalment, sometimes I am shocked at how long it is since I last put ‘pen to paper’ – apologies as it is one of those times.

I guess I should start with a catch up of the show results. Three Championship Shows in May, starting with The National at Stafford on 5th May with Jeff Horswell as Judge. Present on the day were three dogs and two bitches. Mr Horswell found his Best Dog and Best of Breed in our AmCh River Rock Unanimous Decision owned by Mrs C Miller, Mrs L Hastings-Menaker, Miss A Byrne and Miss A Barclay and not as printed in the catalogue. Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran was Mr Martin Mouldings Anacan Abu Ghosh. Best Bitch was Torefjells Rubin also owned by Mr Martin Moulding, Reserve Best Bitch and Best Puppy was Mrs E Mintos Anacan Rock My World. Then came the Scottish Kennel Club show on Friday 19th May, our AmCh River Rock Unanimous Decision stood alone for this show, was awarded Best Dog and Best of Breed by Judge Mr Howard Ogden, finally Bath on Sunday 28th May at the beautifully kept show ground. Croatian judge Dr N Lemo had an entry of 2 bitches and 5 dogs with all present. He awarded our AmCh River Rock Unanimous Decision Best Dog and Best of Breed, Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran was Mr Martin Mouldings Anacan Abu Ghosh, Best Bitch was his Torefjells Rubin, Reserve Best Bitch and now out of puppy was Mrs Mintos Anacan Rock My World and making his first ring appearance was Nizzana Dammit Jim (Bones to his chums), awarded Best Puppy and owned by Mr Ivan Kaye, Miss Alison Byrne and Miss Anne Barclay. We were so pleased with him taking it all in his stride. Special thanks to all the judges for placing our dogs and for judging the breed. Its not always an appointment that fills the heart with joy.

On a personal note, big thanks to friends who continue to support the breed despite not owning one and are usually ring side. Also, to Nikki Thurston for the introduction of cheese into our puppy’s life.

A few days before Scotland KC show, I made a quick journey to collect long-time friend and Canaan Dog owner, exhibitor and supporter Lorna Hastings-Menaker who piloted our co owned dog to his Best of Breed at Bath.

A heartfelt thanks to Jan and Rob McCleod of Dunline for their input at the last show as well.

Alison Byrne

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