So firstly, once again I have totally misread the closing dates for the breed notes and hope that you have all had a wonderful and safe Christmas. Family and friends are very important but this is the first year in a long time that plans may have been trimmed a little to fit the modern trials that we have all been through. This will be with you on the first of January 2021. We wish you all a wonderful New Year and hope to see you all again when our routine returns and exhibiting can be in person again.

We now have news that is a double-edged sword – bringing some sadness for us and a great new start for one of our clan. Winnie, Iyar de Solemel at Nizzana came to live with us for a year through her first year for showing, she then went back to her home in France with Laurence Aries. There she went to a few shows and we were delighted that she remembered us when Anne exhibited her at the French National Canaan Dog Show and did exceptionally well under Judge Myrna Shiboleth. She then spent a few years in the rolling French countryside. Produced a beautiful litter and then came back to us for retirement, expecting to a handsome Import from the USA (that went back to our first litter in 2001 and Lorna Hastings-Menaker’s international champ Nizzana Hadad for Lorianna through Lornas home bred Lorianna Sirius Star – again an international champ who spent some time sate side). Winnie produced six lovely girls one of which stayed put here. That was to be it but she had her own plans and duped us, producing seven pups that have proven a wonderful mistake for their owners. Before the last litter was born and one of our other girls had a set too that they never got over. Usually, we can gently reintegrate those who have argued but not this time. It was always assumed that Winnie would retire to a sofa somewhere, I always hoped it would be ours. So, to conclude her tale, Winnie now lives in her own home on a one-to-one basis with her new owner and after only a short time is settling in so well. She tolerates her daughter visiting, loves to run with her in the woods near by and accepts the neighbour’s cat who also pops round for a chat. We have often been asked about older dogs and some have read or been told that you can’t rehome a Canaan as they are so loyal. Well yes, they love their owners but they are survivalists. If they are in a strange place and someone provides them with food, exercise, a safe warm place to live and lots of love – what’s not to like. Yes, I’m sure they never forget us but the joy that Winnie has given to someone on their own has been a huge reward and goes some way to plug the hole in our lives that she has left.

Happy Happy News – Crufts for 2021. The Kennel Club announced that 2021 Crufts will be held at the NEC but later in the year on Thursday 15th July (Terrier and Hound), Friday 16th July (Utility and Toy), Saturday 17th July (Gundog) and Sunday 18th July (Working and Pastoral) – The Canaan Dogs will be judged by Mr Mark Cocozza. It should be noted that the entries will be capped this year. I am sure that it will not affect our smaller numbered breeds but I’ve not seen how it will be implemented as yet. Lists are available with the requirements for qualifying on the Crufts website.

With Brexit now completed I’m praying that a simpler way of travelling into Europe can be worked out, rather than the potentially expensive system that is proposed at the time of writing this. I know there are more important things to thrash out and livelihoods of many can depend on the outcomes. However, it would be lovely if we could continue our hobby abroad.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy a the New Year x

Alison Byrne

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