Hello all – it’s been a while in these Interesting Times. With the continuing trend for indoor dog shows to be cancelled it’s with a heavy heart that I pass on the news from our BUBA representative, Mrs Barbara Gold that the 2020 Championship show due to be held in December at Stafford County Show Ground has also been cancelled. I totally understand the hard choices that the show societies have to make. We are all very grateful for the work that goes into the events and I feel that some of the comments on social media are at best insensitive to those committees.

The internet has been a great medium for many years, sharing information on breeds, stud dogs, litters, health around the world and much more. Sadly the downside is that there is a band of ‘those who shout the loudest’ putting those with genuine concerns over the Virus down and belittling them with certain comments. From now on I feel unless you agree with the comments for dashing back to the ring, it’s best to keep away.

For Canaan Dogs we have yet to hear from the Nordic Show about their plans but as it’s indoors and November I don’t hold out much hope. So we may not now have any more shows with classes for 2020. I am happy to stay home and just enjoy the extra time at home with the dogs. I see some are desperate for shows and personally find this hard to understand but then I also don’t feel the need to rush to a pub or restaurant. I hope that we don’t see too many more increases in numbers as it’s hard for those whose businesses suffer.

Also this week we had an international discussion on Facebook re Canaan Dogs in Cities. There are some who say that they are not city dogs. Whilst I think most dogs might prefer a rural home that’s not to say they won’t do well in a busy urban setting. My point was that the right dog will be happy in his/her home in the middle of a city if exposed to the environment early and gently. It is not a breed specific that it can’t be happy with a busy urban life; it’s an individual’s level of tolerance to our world. I am blessed that most of ours dogs at the moment could be moved to a busy street life and be just fine if needed. One would do as we asked but not perhaps be happy about it. Again individuals and it isn’t right to tar a whole breed with the label of ‘not for city life’.

Moving onto our venture into Artificial Incemination, sadly the pups that were seen at the first scan were no longer visible on a later viewing. We shall maybe try to meet up in person at the end of the year and see if that makes a difference. We also made the choice not to have any litters this year due to a number of reasons and the Pandemic being one of them.

We look forward to happier times for all (although being at home and not having to be crowded by others in the odd shop that I do venture into, hasn’t been awful for us ..) and that we all stay safe.

Take care

Alison Byrne

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