It has been a long haul and we have all been through some odd times. The Canaan Dog notes have scarce and brief – this is likely to continue for a while.

We wait patiently (well almost) of news from the Czech Republic to see if our first venture in to the world of AI has been a success. We were contacted a while ago to use our Sulu (Micha de Solemel at Nizzana) at Stud and AI with a frozen sample seemed to be the way to go. This coming week we will find out if it’s been a success. Our house guest who was returned to us has finally taken up residence in his new home and we are now awaiting all three girls in season at a similar time…help. With lock down only essential operations can be done and having our older girl spayed wasn’t a priority so we go through the joy of three in the house…

There are litters on the ground in America which through the joys of social media we have been keeping up with and enjoying live feeds with a question and answer session.

The Solemel Kennel in France has now homed all of the last Canaan Dog litter and we hope to see more of some of them at the shows and on the dedicated Facebook pages to Canaan Dogs. Sadly this will likely be the last litter (and it was unplanned) as the owner is now planning her gentle ease into retirement having supported the breed for many years.

As usual there is the ongoing debate about dog shows and when they should return. The kennel club have confirmed that Crufts 2021 will be going ahead but with entry requirements to be confirmed.

So take care all and stay safe

Alison Byrne

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