It’s a question of colour? Here in the UK there is a leaning by many people looking to buy a Canaan Dog as a pet and companion towards the reds and creams. Some showing around the world also have preferences and will prefer the ‘desert’ colours. In the USA there seem to be more black and whites in the show ring and therefore those are bred more often as well. I have seen the colours ebb and flow a little here. It is good to have the variety and maintain the diversity in the breed concentrating on health, type and temperament than colours and markings. We must all have our preferences but in the end it must be the quality of the dog rather than the colour preferences that motivate our breeding programs. Hard when you have a list that includes people who you know will not want the black or black and white dogs. We must also reply on judges to be able to see past the decoration and look at the dogs underneath.

Sadly many judges will now have to wait for another year to judge the classes they had been contracted for this year.

With a son who is under the shielding umbrella and is vulnerable I’m very sensitive as to the relaxation in some areas of the lockdown. It is only a few weeks out of every ones lives and by being considerate and understanding that a few personal sacrifices can help save a number of people from being exposed to the potentially fatal virus Covid 19. So we continue to lose dog shows with more being cancelled each month, I remember that the sacrifices made by many who gave us the freedom in which we live and allow us to make these choices. I hope that all my friends and family remain well and untouched by this virus and we can once again meet up and enjoy our hobby.

Please stay safe and looking forward to seeing you when it’s safe to do so.

Alison Byrne

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